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Great, insightful read!

You wrote: “I realised that the first thought through my mind after the girl hit the floor wasn’t: Oh my goodness, is she alright?

Shamefully, it was: Damn, I would have looked awesome if I’d caught that chair.”

If happens, more than people want to admit. Mine: my son, who was about four years old at the time, was dicking around, not wanting to listen/hold my hand when we were at the airport. We got on an escalator, he refused to hold my hand, and then he fell, and gashed his lip pretty decently (still has a slight scar, eight years later). Luckily, no hospital trip needed, just had to wipe the blood away, and wait for it to stop bleeding.

My first thought when it happened? It wasn’t “oh my goodness, is my son, my child, my most precious thing in my life, ok??” It was “great, now we’re going to miss our flight”.

It happens. It doesn’t mean we’re less-than-awesome parents. It means we’re humans ☺️

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I'm a wanna be Awesomedad too! Thanks for capturing and explaining that tendency some of us dads have had and keep suppressed.

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I like hearing your true stories.

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